Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Top Five "CLOSING TUNES" ( over the last 10 years)

That final track of the night. It's what people are waiting for. It's that epic feel good moment that will generally decide whether this party will be one to put in the memory bank or just another night at the club.As a DJ, it's your shining moment, it can be the ultimate reward at the end of the best set of your life. It can also go horribly wrong.. (but lets not talk about that.) 

We've put together a list of The Top Five tunes from the last 10 years that we considered to be the ultimate epic set closers.. Click on read more to reveal what they are!

Infusion - legacy (Junkie XL )

This progressive badboy came out in 2003 and holy shit was it epic! From the emotional lyrics, the rumbling bass, to the stadium rock sounding drums, it had it all! And then there's that guitar lick that just makes you want to close your eyes, put your hands in the air and take off to a better world.

Lovebirds - want you in my soul

Easily the newest of the top 5, this one became a closing favourite for a whole heap of the Deep house fraternity a couple of years ago. Just as "Deep House" was having its popularity resurgence, out came this soul drenched number that would tend to create a mass singalong whenever dropped. 

Axwell - I found love (dubfire)

Came out in 2007, and i can remember thinking what a bizarre combination. Dubfire was the man of the moment in the techno world and Axwell was well... not exactly the kind of artist i ever liked. Never judge a book by it's cover hey.. cause when this exploded, holy SHIT did it have an impact. The rolling bassline locks you in a groove but you have no idea what's about to come... Out of nowhere the piano riff and vocal of the original drop and right there you've got your hands in the air moment. This was a closing fave for a lot of DJS of all genres

Booka shade - in white rooms

There's not all that much to say about this one other than WOW..  This thing was everything a closing track should be.. Emotive, Epic, Amazing. The world became a slightly better place when Booka Shade released this.

The killers - Mr brightside ( Thin White Duke Mix)

Yeah i know... it's cheesy,it's cliché and it was done to death, but in 2005 when this first came out and it was played as a final song at one of Sydney's big festivals, I think I alongside 20000 others started shedding tears of complete ecstasy. Pretty soon every DJ in town was trying to emulate that moment so it lost it's effect rapidly.. But it still to this day is the biggest and best closing tune of the last ten years.

There you have it! Our Top 5 - You can have your say on  what you think with the poll thats running on our Facebook Page HERE