Tuesday 12 March 2013


Underground club tunes have always had a relatively short lifespan, most tracks will be played by a DJ for a few months before they inevitably get pushed to the back of the pile by new music. It's always been like that because the scene has always been about pushing cutting edge sounds. The bigger the tune, the longer the shelf life and there's always those few classics that never disappear.

There are also a whole heap of amazing tunes that didn't quite become the anthem to transcend generations. They were songs that we're absolute classics for a brief moment in history and during that time dominated the underground all over the world.

Here's a piece of music that you might of forgotten about, never knew about or wasn't around when it was being rinsed in the clubs over a decade ago. Circulation- Turquoise
Circulation is Paul Davis and Matt Jackson. The British house duo started Circulation Recordings and most known for their amazing "Colour Series" compilations. The music ranged from sinewy techno and twisted tech-house to disco-drenched beats and trippy ambience (sometimes all in the same record)

Turquoise is one of their many tunes that was, still is, and always will be a classic! Cause sometimes the latest ain't always the greatest...