Friday 5 April 2013


"Not here for a long time, here for a good time..." Words to live by right? Well in the case of DUST with TATLER, no truer words could be spoken. After 18 consecutive Sundays, it's time to say goodbye to that amazing little underground den. The powers that be at TATLER have decided the iconic venue could do with a makeover which has them discarding the Night Club tag for a more civilised look. So... we bid farewell, let the DUST settle on that chapter and get ready for a new one.

We had some fun down there though.. Launching with Adana Twins & Doctor Dru was pretty damn epic, the first Collective Party took a week to get over, The Tortoise's debut performance in Sydney is a memory that mainly contains the taste of tequila and fits of laughter. Then there was Trus'Me droppin' a set saturated in some of the best discoy house i've ever heard. That was pretty fuckin' cool, especially when it was all on Wax. (Ps- Shazam doesn't pick up white labels on vinyl. Little lesson i learnt that night.) 

And then there's the lock ins... well who can forget them. Christ i got some funny stories i could go on about..  But we all know the code, "The First Rule of Lock In Club..."

With the risk of sounding like a walking cliché, here comes another real cheesy quote, "We certainly did save the best for last.." The Collectives last Sunday was just plain ridiculous. Next Level FUN!  Simon Caldwell & Ken Cloud - Take a long fuckin' bow cause you proved once again that no one comes close to rockin' a party like the Mad Racket crew. The whole night from start to finish had me smiling right through terrible tuesday. They should use that as their Tagline - "Caldwell & Cloud - So good you won't comedown"

As for us at DUST.. Well, can't reveal anything just yet, but we're taking a couple of Sunday's off before jumping right back on wagon at a new joint that we know you're gonna LOVE..  Digging Deep Every Sunday is about to take on a whole new meaning.. Watch this Space...