Wednesday, 20 March 2013


In this next installment of "Collaborating Chaos"  we talk to the other member of Pow Pow! - Raye Antonelli.  No stranger to the Australian circuit, Raye has been laying down records to punters around the country for well over a decade. His knowledge and ear for good music is second to none and his ability to lockdown a floor is something that most DJ's can only dream of.

Raye's also partial to a little nudity and some "reachin' for the lasers" moments in his DJ sets, and the bookies have him at about 2/1 to bring these moves out on Sunday, so get ready! After all, you can take the boy from the rave, but you'll never take the rave from the boy...

Check out Raye's collaborating ways in and what he predicts the next big thing in dance music will be...

If you could collaborate with one artist (dead or alive) who would it be?
tough one, but a name that springs to mind is Joakim. The guy is one of the most talented, versatile, and all round eclectic cats... his productions and DJ Sets are always full of wacky, weird and amazing vibes. Knowing that I would have no idea on what we would walk away with come the end of the collaboration is exciting.

Current Favourite tune done by a collaboration?
A new collab between Tom Demac & Glimpse has just surfaced online called 'Guns N Posers'. Released as a limited edition through Adam Beyer's Drumcode label, it really encompasses so many great elements that i love about techno. Proper jam this one.

What 2 DJS would you most like to see play back to back?
10 hour back to back set from Marco Carola & Loco Dice would be pretty epic

Sunday Night Partying – convince us it's worth the Monday Hangover.
I think the fact that it tends to involve more industry peeps and music lovers (obviously to make the venture out on a sunday) means the sunday sessions and the sunday nite partys always generate some of the best vibes and turn out to unexpectedly be some of the most memorable :)


Out of the blue, General Pants Co. Head Office approaches you to reveal that they've lost touch with the youth of today and desperately need your help. For a $1 Million fee they want you to put together a Strategic Report based around what you think will be the next new "HIP" dance music sub genre. The report needs to include: 


What would you come up with?
THE GENRE – Nu Gabbadisco... Focused on playing the blissful vibes of nu disco but utilising the sample packs of old hardcore including the infamous kickdrum and novelty Dutch vocals.  All played at the disco pace. The Scene leaders would be The younger brothers and possibly sons & daughters of hardcore legends like Rob Gee,  and all those Thunderdome vibe guys. Now caught up in the new wave of disco but still carrying the torch of their hardcore forefathers. Buzz Fuzz jnr , The Prophet (rises)  

The Fashion will be a nice combination of Kappa trackpants & clean fitted tee's ... or perhaps a pair of skinny jeans teamed up with a Rushn Rave Wear tee.  And the first major collaboration would be Geoff Da Plane - a collab project between Geoff Da Chef & Aeroplane

It is ON this SUNDAY March 24th the collaboration of ZiLCH and DUST and we can't WAIT!
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