Tuesday 19 March 2013

DUSTIN' off a Forgotten CLASSIC

This weeks Forgotten classic comes from Dubtribe Sound System, A live Act from San Francisco that primarily consisted of singers Sunshine Jones and Moonbeam Jones. Their label and live show turned a lot of (house) heads in the late nineties but as with most things, the good times couldn't last and they broke up in 2005.  

In 1999, they released what i personally regard as their greatest record -"Equitoreal." It was one of those tunes that stuck in your head and had you singing what you thought were the words for the next week until.. you heard it again. It's deep, it's tribally, it's drenched in groove and to top it all off it's got this deep native war cry inspired vocal that haunts your soul, in an weird exciting way.

So here it is, still sounding as cool as it use too. One of those tunes that stood the test of time perhaps?  You decide. Love it or hate it, this was definitely a classic in the clubs at the turn of the century.