Monday 18 March 2013


Collaborations.. Just when you thought you'd seen it all, Richie Hawtin decides to team up with Deadmau5 for god knows why. But as these heroes unite to fight together... techno dies a little inside. Equally as big but minus the (ear piercing) "noise", DUST and ZILCH are forming their own Co-op this Sunday. So we decided to talk shit on all things collaborating. First up, The original B-Boy that doesn't mind getting nude every once in a while.. WONGO

1.) If you could collaborate with one artist (dead or alive) who would it be?
I would collaborate with "Michael Viners Incredible Bongo Band", i heard they initially recorded a 5 our version of Apache with Ringo Star and they had to chop it down for the CD....

2.) Current Favourite tune done by a collaboration?
My favourite collaboration would have to be the upcoming Marc Houle & Miss Kitten - Where Is Kitten?... EPIC!

3.) What 2 DJS would you most like to see play back to back?
I'd like to see Fat Boy Slim and Troy Pierce - Fatboyslim to bring the "Bondi Beach, 300,000 people" and Troy Pierce to really educate the entire country in one show!


Out of the blue, General Pants Co. Head Office approaches you to reveal that they've lost touch with the youth of today and desperately need your help. For a $1 Million fee they want you to put together a Strategic Report based around what you think will be the next new "HIP" dance music sub genre. The report needs to include: 


What would you come up with?
Well... Id start the new genre, "BASS-LESS HOUSE" - and the genre would be of course based around no BASS.. right now im imagining electronic minimal paddy Low Cut House, if you may. Djs would be depressed and dress in nothing but black, (as black never goes out of fashion.) people would only laydown on the floor in the club and close their eyes, you would speak to each other as it would be alot easier to talk to one another and people would not sleep with djs but have coffee and tea.

I could see a massive following with this, with the kinds of people like Lee Foss, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano and maybe even Pow! Pow!.... This craze would go off, just like Moombaton or Trap, it will be a major phase but create revenue through the roof...... $$ BILL YALL!

4.) Finally, Sunday night partying – convince us it's worth the Monday Hangover.
As Australians we are constantly drinking, i dont see Sunday to be any different of a day..

WONGO, (one half of Pow Pow!) will be representing ZILCH along with compadre's ZARE and GEMMA VAN D as they step into the DUST DEN this Sunday to join your resident Busters -  HANNAH GIBBS & JAMES TAYLOR.

 Click on the flier for all the details: