Tuesday 28 May 2013

DUST off a Forgotten Classic

This instalment of "DUST off a Forgotten Classic" goes back to the turn of the century with a record that defied any genre classification.  Layo & Bushwacka - Deep South

What can we say about this tune.. it's giving me goose bumps as i type right now thinking about it. For me, this piece of music was a beautiful hypnotic journey that would have the tendency to send you into some kind of tribal euphoric trance. 
With its Bessie Smith vocal sample, jazzy trumpet solo, luscious, techy instrumentation and irresistible  groove, it was an unassuming monster that became an absolute classic. I literally remember full dance floors collectively closing their eyes and smiling from ear to ear anytime this was dropped. 
If you've never heard it before, have a listen and enjoy the journey. And for those of you who remember it, i promise you it hasn't lost its touch. 
Here it is,  Layo & Bushwacka - Deep South

Deep South came out in 1999 on Layo & Bushwacka's debut album -Low Life (End Recordings.) This is the album that made the dance world standup and take notice of L&B. The record brought together electro, house, dub, downtempo & breakbeat fused with blues and soul. A true genre defying record.
Listening to Low Life for the first time marked the beginning of my love affair with L&B, it completely blew my mind and evidently i wasn't the only one as it gained a cult status in the underground culture of electronic music.