Thursday 30 May 2013

Residents Ready to Rumble

This week DUST is doing a Residents Royal Rumble. 5 DUST DJs all battling it out for time behind the decks..  No set times, No constraints, no rules…    ALL IN!

But before the night goes down, Our fab five have each agreed to show us one of there proven knockout punches. A current favourite peak time tune that's been causing all sorts of damage round Sydney. Lets have a look at the contenders and what they chose..

Toby's picked a big driving, grungy tech house number. It definitely packs a punch and played at the right time it'll be that killer blow that causes Crane to errupt. Have a listen below:

Steve's choice is not your typical dancefloor stomper but like the name suggests, it's drenched in Soul. It's a kind of soul that has this hypnotic, captivating yet melanchoic vibe. I can see this one setting the mood perfectly early on but also seriously caving heads in at the very end of the night. Here's the soundcloud link for your listening pleasure:

Mr Watson has come through with a smooth as fuck house piece that is all groove.. Slowly and subtlety building, this is one of those deceivng tunes that can cause you to lose the plot on the floor without any warning.. Love it!

Our very own Dame of DUST has chosen a deep, moody chugger that is all about locking you in. A proper heads down "nothing else matters" deep house grinder. Check it:

The final member of Sunday's five, Mr Taylor has given us a bass driven stomper with a habit of making punters weak at the knees when it drops.This bad boy is still unreleased and will be coming out on Sydney's own Instinkt Records sometime in June as a vinyl only release but you can listen to it via soundcloud below:

So thats it.. the gauntlet has been thrown down, the cards have been dealt, Sunday... it's ON!  Entry is $10 or Free B4 11PM on the GUEST LIST. Email - to get on it.

For more info head HERE

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