Wednesday 1 May 2013

There's Something about... CRANE

So.. What, where, when and who the hell is CRANE!? 

After Spending the last 5 months deep in the Underground at Tatler, some people seem a bit confused about CRANE and how DUST is going to fit in there. On face value CRANE and DUST don't seem to look like an ideal partnership. A quick google search will have you reading something along the lines of  "Crane is a stylish, all-encompassing, state-of-the-art Japanese Fusion Bar, Cocktail Lounge & Restaurant. Crane comprises of a unique sushi bar, amazing kitchen, two large bars... blah blah."

Firstly, the food is fuckin fantastic! After a few bites It's pretty clear why they've recieved such amazing reviews for their menu. But DUST doesn't do food, we do parties. SO the main question is.. Does CRANE cut the cheese as a destination to party?

Simply put, FUCKIN OATH it does! We can safely say we've once again found an absolute gem to call home, and as a nice little kicker it possesses a 24hr license. Music to the ears of any party animal.
Once you arrive at CRANE BAR RESTAURANT you'll need to meander your way past the dinner tables and bar to find the aptly named "Garden." A little slice of paradise that DUST now resides at.
It's like an open air Lounge Bar in Barcelona and a traditional tranquil Japanese Garden became lovers, ran away together and gave birth to a special little oasis in the heart of Sydney..If that makes any sense?

All it needs is a sprinkle of DUST and you're guaranteed magic! 

This sunday it begins.. (Abracadabra!)
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For more details about Crane, head to their website HERE
For all the details regarding the launch of DUST at CRANE on Sunday MAY 5th, head HERE